Zombies versus The Devil

Posted on 09/25/2010



Went to see two movies this weekend. Not typical for me, but there was a movie I wanted to see and one my wife wanted to see.

Resident Evil for me.

Devil for her.

I think I won. My movie was better. Yeah, it was. Shocking, I know.

As far as Resident Evil movies go, you kinda know what you’re going to get.  Ass kicking female protag, creepy zombies, and the Umbrella Corp. Now, to be honest, I always enjoy these movies for their mindless orgy of action and post apocalyptic fun. I don’t need too much plot, or attention to detail. Show me Alice, kicking some zombie ass, while trying to stop the Umbrella Corp, and I am at least sated.  This one added some 3D to it, which was okay, but I could have done without. The special effects were fun to watch, and it was sort of like The Matrix meets Blade 3. Very, very different. The Zombies didn’t really have too much involvement in the story, and they had one “Boss” zombie that sort of just appeared from the middle of nowhere, wielding a large axe/hammer thing.  They never really explained it, but HEY! that’s okay. It’s  zombie movie.

Now, on to Devil. ‘

Not sure what has happened to a director who showed so much promise before. The Sixth Sense was a masterpiece. And everything after has been sort of … meh.

Add Devil in there with it. And I think I know why.


I really thing Shyamalayan, should have foregone the voice overs in the beginning of the movie. Thinking back on them, they add NOTHING to the story–they do, however, detract from it. They tell you, right from the beginning, that this is going to be a supernatural movie (all of his except one have been anyways, but still).   Without the voice overs, we’re left wondering if it’s a person or an entity doing these things.  It would have made it so much better of a movie. It was far too predictable, and even with a very WEAK ASS TWIST near the end (which has been done in other horror movies, to puking levels) it wasn’t much.  I was honestly sort of surprised when the credits started rolling. I thought there was no way he would let it end on such a limp scene.  Boy, was I ever wrong.

Devil, I already knew you, and have for years. You brought nothing new to the table.

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