Posted on 09/24/2010


Are you a kid? Do you read kid stories?

I’ve been reading a lot of teen fiction lately, just to sample it. I’ve never read much of it before. I must say that I am impressed.  They stories are pretty good (even though the Mockingjay book I am reading now is getting way too dark) and the characters are interesting to follow.

I was honestly surprised at how the stories addressed issues that are not only inherent to teens, but to adults too.  In many of the books, the only think that made it a YA novel was the fact the protagonist was a kid. It could have easily been written with an adult protag and still been as good.

Here’s what I’ve read:

The Giver

Hunger Games Trilogy (still working on on Mockingjay)

The Maze Runner (still reading)

In the queue: Leviathan

I may dip back into adult stories soon, but these stories are fun so far. It’s exciting to read a genre you haven’t read since….well…since you were a kid! (Even though, when I was a kid, I read adult books).

Genre dipping is fun!

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