Friends Circles

Posted on 09/03/2010


I have my annual big fantasy football draft this weekend and was thinking about my buddies I am going to see there.  I don’t typically see these guys more than once a year, but we communicate via email all the time.  For our draft, we typically meet at a local bar, get a side room and spend about four hours geeking out over football.

It got me to thinking: these friends who I have known for about fourteen years are one circle of friends. I have  four five groups. And none of them know the others.

How weird is that?

Each group probably has from five to ten people in it. Mostly dudes.  Three of the circles were made from job-related meetings, and one was made from the writing community I joined.

The strangest thing to me is, the lack of overlaps.(oh, there are some–but not many)

Color coded on which people are in which group and which ones cross over:

Group 1

Brad, Dan, Mike, Scott, John, James

Group 2

Dave, Christian, Mark, Mark

Group 3

Burt, Joseph, James, Jack

Group 4

Keith, Trumby, Eddie

Group 5

Jeff, Michelle, Jeri, Steve, Jamie, Tracy

Burt knows folks from Groups 2, 3, and 4 (we worked at two of the same places) and most of the people between groups 2 and 3 know each other, but aren’t really friends.  None of group 1 knows anyone else, and no one from group 5 knows anyone else.

Are all people’s friends like this?  Does everyone have different circles of friends they run with?