Scott Pilgrim VS the Character

Posted on 08/23/2010


I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs The World this weekend. It wasn’t too bad. I actually had fun watching it. But I think I know why it hasn’t done very well at the box office.  And it has to do with the “Scott” character.

The story in the movie was fine. Simple, stupid plot of a dude who has to defeat a girl’s seven exes if he wants to be her boyfriend.  Just so happens that they all super powers, know kung fu, and are bad ass.  Okay, I’m a sucker for any movie that adds quirk to science fiction.

The problem wasn’t with the story, the problem was with the protagonist, Scott.

He starts out with a 17 year old girlfriend, who is merely a rebound from his other girlfriend who is now the lead singer of a big band.  Scott meets another girl during the course of the movie, while on a date with his 17 year old girlfriend.  It’s love at first site, but it immediately makes most people not care for the protagonist too much, and we don’t mind if he gets his butt kicked or dies, because he’s sort of a douche for doing that to the girl he was with.

If the writers had made him break up with the 17 year old girl first, then maybe we the viewers would have been more sympathetic to Scott’s plight of having to defeat the 7 exes.  See, the problem is, we viewers see Scott having to defeat them as his own fault. He should have left  the girl alone and stayed with his 17 year old girl. If he had, he would never have had to do all the fighting.

They screwed the pooch with that one. Once we stop caring what happens to the protagonist, we truly stop caring about the movie/story.

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