What do you want?

Posted on 08/18/2010


A friend of mine asked me to check her blog, pre-post, to make sure she didn’t sound like an asshole.

I read it and it got me thinking about what people want.

Her post was how she doesn’t want to be included in with writers who self-publish.

And she had some very valid points. She worked her ass off to write a good story(ies) run it through her beta readers, revise, run it through her beta readers, revise, then work on a query letter and synopsis, and do the same damn thing over and over again. It takes a helluva a lot of work, and patience, and fortitude to finish it.

But if you want to self-publish or vanity publish a book, you just write a book and put it out there.

Sure you could go through all the things above, but you don’t have to. And that was her bone to pick.  She knows that some self-pubbed folks take their writing seriously, but there are many who do not and receive no sort of vetting before their story is put out there.

When someone asked Bob Mayer if they should self publish, he simply replied, “What do you want?”  Of course the sensei Mayer was just asking them what their goal of writing was. Did they want to print out some books for their friends and family, or become the next BIG NAMED WRITER?!!?!?

I can’t argue with my friend. I am the same way. I want to earn my stake in the published writers group. I will not settle for self-publishing. If that means I have to write 50 effing books before that happens, then so be it.

I don’t want to take the easy way out. I want to earn that damn book getting published. I want to earn the right to hold it up and say, “Look what I did, you mother fu–” oh wait. PG13 again. heh.

So what do you want? Do you want to fight the good fight, even if it means you’re looking at 10 years of frustration? Or do you want to self-publish and just get the damn thing over with?

Do you think self-published is really published at all? Come on now, don’t be coy or shy. There’s no place for that in my blog.

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