Disaster Recovery

Posted on 08/02/2010


Today a little nugget of information for you folks.

Did you know there are disasters that happen around the world? You know, like hurricanes (and the dread HIMacanes!) floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, bombs, etc.  You did? Sweet!

Did you also know there are private firms out there that only handle such things as catastrophe management, disaster recovery, etc. Local and national governments hire these places to assist with getting their people through any crises that might occur.

So ask yourself…if you were the owner of one of these firms,  and you were a pretty bad person, might you do something underhanded to cause a catastrophe, and make a ton of money?  What if you could create a massive catastrophe just through misinformation? But you could reap millions and millions in doing it?

What if someone wrote a story about this?

What if someone already did?   <looks around nervously>