New Kindle

Posted on 07/30/2010


Well, the Kindle 3 is out soon. I see the price for the non-3G version is only $139.  Not too bad.  I think $99 dollars is the price point where they will explode into mainstream.  But while $139 isn’t bad, we still have to remember, it’s a one-trick pony (and NO, I don’t have a problem with that). 

Sure it has a few other bells and whistles (not sure if I want to surf the intarwebz in black and white!) but there are certain expectations. Display of basic greyscale graphics is nice, but ultimately, I’m just reading books. I want a 6″+ display, viewable indoors and out for $99 with WiFi (3g is largely unnecessary, I can download all the books I need while at home.). Anything more and it either needs significantly more functionality (color, email, browsing, video) or I find it hard to buy.

But with all that being said, I do feel an itch in my palm where there wasn’t one before.  I’ve never felt compelled to purchase something to read a book on, and then purchase the book to read too.  I mean, in the past, all I had to do was buy the book and read it. No media device sitting in the middle. I’m looking forward to the time when I can buy a book, and they GIVE you the e-reader for free.

But I digress.

What do you think about this cheaper price? You feeling more of an inclination to get one?

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