Posted on 04/29/2010


Most people probably don’t realize it takes about a year to plan a conference of any size. This year, the DFWCON will have approximately 450 attendees, and 20 agents and editors.  That’s pretty big. I mean, we’re no RWA or anything like that, but we’re well staked for the area.  The planning and ingenuity that go into a conference is something that will never stop amazing me.  The group I work with is great. A bunch of go-getters.

You have to plan the spaces, the classes, the agents, the schedule, the entertainment, the logistics, registration, flyers, vendors, marketing, etc.  It takes a lot of people doing a lot of stuff.  And I do mean stuff. Aye carumba.

Understand one thing, oh 10 readers of mine: Pulling off a writing conference is a ton of work. If you go to a conference this year, try to find the key people responsible for it, and give them a shake, a pat on the back, and a heart-felt thank you.  (They will be the people who’s shoulders are slumped, eyes glazed over, and barely able to stand up.)

They will appreciate it more than you know.

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