Let’s just see how well this whole “Web 2.0” and Social Media really works

Posted on 03/07/2010



Let’s see if we can use this Web 2.0 thing for more than just posting pictures of our pets and what we had for dinner last night.

My wife found this camera a few years ago, in a grocery store in the Dallas Ft.Worth area.
We gave the grocery store our contact information and said if the owners showed up, to contact us.

No one ever came to get the camera.


There were pictures on the camera. (BELOW)

So, this is a HUGE longshot, but let’s see if through facebook, twitter, wordpress, and other web 2.0 sites, if we can’t get this message out to enough folks that SOMEONE recognizes these people and I can get them their pics and camera back to them. I don’t know why I just thought of this idea, but I did.

How can you help? By putting up a link to this blog on your facebook page and twitter and digg, and ANYWHERE ELSE you can think of.  And if you came here by a link someone else posted, please post a link yourself!

Think how you would feel if you lost a camera with photos on it! You can’t replace them.These are not ALL of the pics, just a few to get the people’s faces out there. Please resend this message out to everyone you know!

So below are the photos of these folks. If you know who they are, direct them to me. I will return their camera and the photos!

I will leave this page up for as long as it takes to find these people.  Please help me find them!!!



Let me reiterate, I DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE.  Do you?

Please help out.

If you are the people in these pics, contact me. I will, of course need proof!

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