I do love you

Posted on 01/23/2010


Sorry blog, for not being here lately.

I just started a new job last week and it’s been very hectic. (New job was my choice! More pay, and promotion!)  I have tons to learn and no grounds for basis on how to learn it.  My boss is actually in another city, and he’s been doing my job for months, so he is over-stretched and over-meetinged, so it’s hard for us to get time together for him to catch me up.  Which means I’m pretty much on my own learning the things as I move forward. 

I have received a lot of nice emails and calls from people, welcoming me to the team.  Everyone in my office is nice. I am the only one in my office besides another manager who is on my team, so I don’t know or work with most of the people in my office directly.  I will eventually start working with more of them later on, but as of know…it’s been quiet.

I did get a nice triple-sized cubicle, and a window seat (can’t figure out how to raise the blinds yet!) and the office is grade-A nice.

All this means is, when I get home at the end of the day (my usual “writing time” is the first hour when I get home from work)  I am nothing but a bag of worthless jelly. I can’t think, can’t do much but chill because my mind is on overdrive every day at work right now.  Literally, my brain does not slow down ONCE all day…which makes me crazy and tired.  Yeah, I hear you…just take it one step at a time. Don’t try to ingest it all at once.

Sure, those are great words of wisdom, but this is how my mind works. It is constantly spinning out, looking for something, anything to grasp as a waypoint to the next fact. It’s like I am standing in the middle of a closet of constantly moving strands of thread.  I grab one, but it doesn’t go where I think it is supposed to. I grab another one and it leads up instead of down…and then there’s the actual figuring out of which threads to grab and which ones are just noise!  Sheesh.

So it’s taken a bite out of my writing last week. I am traveling this week, so I hope I can get some done while on the road.  I’m guessing I won’t get any real work done until I get more comfortable at work.  Maybe this is a new challenge, learn how to write in a chaotic storm instead of the cool waters of calm.  We’ll see.

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