Happy New Year from me to you

Posted on 12/31/2009


Happy New Year, folks.

I look at this year, the same as I did last year, keep trying, keep striving, give more, accept what you receive, and live, live, live.

Early this year (almost last year!) I decided to push myself, hard to make inroads on my desire to get some action in the agenting arena. I went to the conferences, joined a workshop, started my networking. And I can say, without a doubt, it’s certainly helped me. I have met tons of new people on twitter, facebook, and in person. I have made new friends and read more freaking romance books than I ever have.   I’ve offered up my own skills and volunteered to be on the board of a writer’s conference, met Bob Mayer more than once, emailed Eldon Thompson a few times, and made some online friends out of some literary agents who are actually cool people.

In the upcoming year, I hope to make more new friends, actually get an agent, kick my writing into a whole new gear, and strenghten the bonds of friendship I have built up over 2009.  2010 will be a watershed year, I can just feel it.

Hope you and yours are well, and that your 2010 is the best year of your life.

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