Take that!

Posted on 12/16/2009


In another week, I will be able to start revising my nanowrimo story.

I typically give it a month before I revise/edit/rewrite just to let the story simmer and forget some of what I wrote.  For me it’s easier to do it that way. If I do it too early, I skim too much because I am so familiar with it and don’t see the warts all over it.

To me this is the funnest part of writing. I do get a kick out of intial creation, but revising is something on another level. Revising is where I push things up that were buried before, push things down that are stupid, and work on my theme and character arcs.  On this story I wrote it by pansting.  I did not have a “ticking clock” so the overall stress of the story is not as strong as it can be, and I need to create a freaking prophecy for my main character too.  I don’t much care for prophecies, but I need one to make the story work.  It’ actually a decent piece.

So how do you revise? Do you take your time away from the story, or do you just dive in as soon as write, THE END?

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