To Kill or Not To Kill…

Posted on 12/05/2009


I decided to “pants” my NaNoWriMo story. I haven’t done that in a very long time. My last few novels have been plotted out with character arcs, sketches, etc. But since Nano was supposed to be a departure from the norm, I decided to do it differently.

So I did. But now, I don’t know how to end my story. I have my hero captured by the bad guys and she has to make her decision.  She either lives or dies depending on which way she decides to go.  If she lives, bad things will continue to happen, but if she dies, the bad things will stop (Without giving away TOO much of the story :0).

So how do you know when to kill off your hero in the end of the story?  I usually plan this stuff out beforehand, but this time I am terribly uncertain.  I know you’re thinking, “Do whatever you want–it’s your story.”  And I will, of course. But this really got me to thinking.  To kill or not to kill?

And while I mull the fate of my hero, I would appreciate any feedback.

–Update!  I also have one other way here too. (Which I was toying with, but didn’t put it out there–thanks, Bob) I can have the hero live and stop the bad things too…However I don’t want it to appear contrived.  You know?

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