Posted on 10/26/2009


One week until NaNoWriMo starts, and I don’t feel completely ready. Hell, I’m not even sure why I am doing it.  Guess I am caught up in all the hype.  No worries. I will give it my best shot. Hell, I’d like to get it done early, and take the rest of the month off.

A friend of my, Mr. Jeff Posey, asked me a good question: by doing NaNoWriMo, are you being remiss in addressing your other work? I know I’ve got a story I want to get completed, and another one waiting in the pipeline. The one I am writing during the month of November is far and away the most different story I’ve ever written, and I’m doing it, trying on a new pair of shoes and see if they fit. But while I do, my other stories sit and wait.

I am going to give it a try anyways, but I feel bad for my other stories who sit off in the corner, waiting for me to show them some love.

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