Can your novel pass this test?

Posted on 10/16/2009


Is your novel ready for final editing and revision? Is it ready to send out? Read below.

Digging around in my office earlier this week, looking for Bob Mayer’s Novel Writing Presentation workbook, and I came across another workbook I got from Donald Maass when I attended his workshop earlier last year. It was his High Tension Workshop, and I highly recommend attending it if you can.

I flipped through it and forgot what a gold mine it was.  One of the absolute best lists I found was from Elizabeth Lyon’s book: Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford To Ignore

She lists out criteria you can use for your story to determine if it’s ready or not! She even scores it and gives you results on the score! Ha! She’s got it online too, so go here and check it out!  It’s worth the 10 minutes, and her advice is priceless.

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