What would you do?

Posted on 08/05/2009


I’m going to give you a hypothetical situation to ponder and hopefully you will have some idea on what you would do.

Let’s say you’ve written a story. It’s great. You love it and others who have read it, love it too. You had fun writing the story. You had fun getting it critiqued by others who gave constructive feedback and heped you polish it and make it superb.

In the meantime, you’ve been trying to network with other people in the business. You’ve been attending conferences, going to writers’ meetings, twittering, facebooking, etc. You’re really trying to make friends in the business and network, network, network.  “Writing in a hole” is so1990s. You make a few friends, tweet back and forth with a few agents and their assistants. You actually have one of them read part of your story and critique it!

Then you’re ready to query it.

You go to a site that provides a search function for agents, type in your genre, and save the search.  You then start trolling through the agents, making sure they actually rep what you write…and lo and behold! A few of the agents you’ve been twittering with come up!

Initially, this sounds cool, right? I mean, you’ve been networking to make friends and contacts and it was because of this exact moment. You have a quasi-real relationship with these people and you won’t just be another random querier. Right?

Sigh. Yes. That is correct. However, one of the agents that pop up on the list is the assistant who read part of your story already, and this assistant knows what the story’s about and your writing style and all that. (If you’re reading this you know who you are.)

So do you go ahead and query that agent, knowing the assistant will read your query, and recognize it as yours?  The assistant did your critique outside the normal boundaries of “agent” and “writer” so it was more along the lines of a buddy thing. But now it’s entered back into the professional arena, and you’re not sure of the weirdness level.  Not only that, you don’t want to potentially put a wall up between this person and yourself, since you do honestly think this person is pretty cool and would like to continue your virtual conversations. 

Are you just being stupid? I mean, you networked for this exact scenario, but now that it’s happened–uncertainty sets in.

What would you do?

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