What now?

Posted on 07/07/2009


I’ve written 6 books and have started writing 4 more, with the idea of at least another 5 after that. So I am not wont for ideas.

I am polishing my 2nd and third books, preparing them to be sent out into the harsh world of queries and the business side of writing.  To me, the entire process of writing, from illumination of an idea, to another human purchasing the book in a bookstore is neat to me. It’s a cool process. I’m digressing.

This weekend I will be attending Bob Mayer’s weekend workshops on how to be a warrior writer, and also how to be a warrior human. I hope Bob can give me the insight into what makes a good work tick and what rests limp on the table.  I have queried books in the past, even had requests for a few fulls and partials, but never offered representation.  I want this time to be different. I think have two really well-written, salable works of fiction and want to try my hand at it again.

But that doesn’t mean I am resting while trying to do this. No, no, no.  I am already doing the research for the next book, crafting characters, working on my outline, researching topics. And all the while, thinking about the next book I am going to write.  How can I make it more salable? Writing better is one way. That always helps make agents more willing to take it on. Here’s hoping that with each book I write, I learn something new from it and can use that info to make next book even better.

I am making lots of friends in the industry (thank you, twitter) and am learning a lot from them. After this weekend, I should have enough tools in my belt to ensure my writing is the best it can be.  That’s the only part of my life I can control, me. So I will focus on that part the most. I need to control me and make me better.

Wow, what a cathartic rant that was.  Sort of stream of conscious type stuff.

Let me roll it into one sentence: I will continue writing, because I like to write, regardless of anything else.


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