Posted on 06/22/2009


I was driving to a book signing this weekend for a fellow writer who recently had a book published.  It was a supportive visit, to make sure he had plenty of people at his signing. It’s what we do to help out our pals who get their stuff picked up and printed.  I had a good time. If you want to pick the book up (It’s a fun urban fantasy) check out A. Lee Martinez on Amazon and pick up Monster. 

So as I pulled into the bank ATM to get some cash I wondered how much money unpublished writers spend on their ‘hobby’ of writing.   Sure, all hobbies take some financial investment, and until you are paid for your writing (I have been lucky enough to be paid for my writing — once!) it is still just a hobby.  So I started cataloging the stuff I have spent money on this year.

Ink Toner
Two conferences
Travel expenses for one of the conferences
Buying books to help out fellow writers
Mailing off manuscript
Dues to writing club
Book on the craft of writing
Contest entry fees

I’m sure there’s more I’ve left off.
I started wondering if I should budget for this hobby of mine.  How much should it be? 1,000 a year? 500? What’s right, and what can I afford? I’m not sure. There’s at least two other writing workshops I would love to attend, but not sure if I can justify the cash outlay this year. I guess for each person it’s a different amount.  It depends on a few things: what part of your discretionary income do you want to spend, how serious are you about improving your writing, and are you trying to get the Holy Grail of “published” or are you just writing to write? 

So what about you? Have you spent a lot of money on your hobby? Have you set a budget? Are you judicious with your spends, make sure you get the most out of them?  What did I leave off this list?

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