Wrench in the process

Posted on 05/21/2009


To query or not to query…that is the question.

The Writers’ League of Texas (WLT) has an annual manuscript contest that judges full length novels. I am going to the WLT agent conference this year, and decided to enter a manuscript into the contest. Why not, right? I debated on which one for a while, until a friend of mine told me I should enter my latest work.  I wasn’t sure about it.

See, my latest manuscript is a serious departure from what I usually write. I like real-world science fiction, and other world type fantasy stories, and that’s what I usually write.  But this latest story was a straight-up thriller. No science fiction, no super power, just straight, in-your-face thriller.  I have shied away from these stories because I can never seem to get into the story without something supernatural, but after receiving an email from Karen Dionne (Freezing Point author) I decided to try my hand at it. 

So you understand that I was freaked out to send my first ever thriller story into a contest (and it was fifty bucks to enter!) but I did it.  I had to submit my first three chapters and a synopsis.  I knew my synopsis sucked. It had to be one page, and I am not good at writing them, but oh well.

So last night, I received a letter from WLT telling me I was a finalist. The final 5 of my genre. Cool! My very first thriller novel made it to the finals! More than I could have hoped for!

So, here’s the issue. I was about to start querying my novel out to agents, but now I’m not sure. Should I go ahead and do it, or wait until the conference and then do it after? I have a pitch session with an agent at the conference, I wasn’t going to pitch my thriller novel, but I will if that’s a good idea. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  The conference is at the end of June, so it’s only a month away, but I also know that getting an agent in a conference is a pretty slim chance too.

I have posted the scans of the documents I received from the WLT. It is the Congratulations letter and the scorecard the judges used.

The first and last questions (1 and 10) are not about the writing (and is where I did the most poorly 🙂 The middle EIGHT questions are about my writing…it looks like the judge who read my work liked it. An agent judges the final five from each genre and picks the winner, it’d be nice for them to pick mine, but I’m not one to get my hopes up. I’m just glad to be in the finals!!!!

So I’m not sure what to do and am taking suggestions!!

If you’re interested, scans below:
You can click on the link to open in a new window, then click the magnifier to make it bigger.


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