Sent a partial, with NO nerves!!

Posted on 05/18/2009


This is nice. I just sent out a partial without any nerves!

I won a contest whereby one Jodi Meadows who works for the Rappaport Literary agency,is gonna read my partial, and offer a critique.  First 50 pages are up for pain and suffering! I think it’s awesome.

Typically when an agency requests a partial, the writer sends it, freaking out.  But this is not a send out where I am requesting representation…I get the critique.

So sweet. It’s almost like the best of both worlds.

It will be cool to have someone who is in the business read my stuff and offer up some good feedback. It’s not often you can have someone like that take the time to read your stuff, especially not 50 page worth.
Here’s hoping she doesn’t find anything embarrasing and just normal stuff.

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