By helping others, we help ourselves

Posted on 05/17/2009


Lately, I have been trying to help other writers with their manuscripts and query letters. Trust me, it’s not because I’m some great master of the craft or a perfect query letter writer, far from it. I have a tough time writing queries, and my stories have so many issues, I’m surprised I even keep at it sometimes.

But sometimes having someone else look at your stuff helps. Especially when it’s writing.  You know the story, your eyes put things into the story that aren’t really there, and other readers can spot this before you get too far off. So I have offered to look at other’s writing, and I am seeing some good stuff.  I think we all have at least one story in us, and some of us have tons more.

I like to help other writers with their stuff. I am a little too caustic sometimes, when dealing with others, but I honestly just want them to get better, and whatever I can do to help, I will do.  Maybe some day, someone will do the same for me.

But so far, this has introduced me to a whole new group of people, and I find I like them.  This wednesday I am going to my first real writing group meeting. I’ve never done that before. I tend to write in a tomb and never come out until I have something I think needs to be read.  Maybe, by getting feedback from others, I can actually improve my craft, and help others improve theirs.

Pay it forward, pay it forward, pay it forward.

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