Not much going on this week

Posted on 04/28/2009


Looking forward to my writer’s conference this weekend to meet with Sally Harding an agent from Canada.  Hopefully all goes well. I have a few very particular questions for her. I think I am going to do what Nathan Bransford says in his blog, and use the time to really ask some serious questions about the process, and not just try to sell her a manuscript.  Well, I will tell her about the story I have come prepared to talk about, but I will make it brief. She’s not going to offer to be my agent just by me telling her about the story, she’s going to have to judge the writing on its own merit, so I have no illusions about that. I will pitch the book as succinctly as possible and see if she is interested in receiving a query for it, and then ask her three questions I have, and see how many we get through before our time is up. We’ll see.

Wish me luck, oh friends of mine.

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