New idea for agents on rejections

Posted on 04/21/2009


I was thinking about agents responding to writer’s queries. They simply don’t have the time to respond with a reason for their rejection on every query. It just isn’t temporally possible.

But I have an idea whereby agents CAN give a response in a simple and concise manner!

This will take some industry collaboration, but with the internet, it shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve noticed (after following a lot of agents’ blogs and tweets) that agents have around 6 or 7 reasons for rejecting manuscripts.  There are probably more reasons, but they can be added whenever they are necessary.

So, all agents agree to each number corresponds to. Let’s say…


1  “I don’t rep this kind of story”
2  “Query is well written, but didn’t hook me.”
3  “Writing is not strong enough.”
4  “Didn’t follow query guidelines.”
5  “Didn’t like premise/premise has been done.”
6 “blah blah.” (inject reason here, Mr or Ms agent.)
7  etc.

So, then agents respond with their form letter, and add at the bottom, the number that corresponds with the reason they rejected it.  This gives the writer SOME feedback, but doesn’t take the agent all day to write something that doesn’t sound too harsh. Everyone wins.
Agents could even post on their “How to Submit” page, their numbered reasons and writers could reference that for the “reason” they so desperately wants.

So what do you think?