Battlestar Galactica

Posted on 03/20/2009


Just finished watching the series finale…I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought Ronald D. Moore was the most miserable person on the planet, and was out to spread his misery to the masses. Apparently, I was wrong. No harm, no foul. 

I thought RDM lost the story midway through season 3, and then really went off tangent in season 4. His mantra was “it’s about the characters — not the plot”.  I disagree to some extent. When you set out to make a science fiction space opera type show, you come at it with a certain idea of what makes a “sci-fi” show. Sure, RDM wanted to be a genre-bender by focusing on the characters, but in a science fiction story, the plot is even with the characters. You can give me the most interesting characters ever penned by an author, but if they are just interesting characters who sit around all day doing nothing and going nowhere, I will quickly lose interest.  At some point you have focus on your plot and the best way to do that is to create tension and conflict in every scene.  I think he did that in many scenes, but felt that many were lacking one speck of conflict. I wondered just what the hell he was doing, and I still do. The entire backstory was contrived and ill planned. I thought it lacked any originality and added nothing to the overall story.  Hey, it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it! 

However, all that being said, I do think he wrapped it up superbly!  It was quite predictable as soon as the Galactica reached its new position in space, but at least it was fun to watch. 


So say we all?

Frack it.

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