Posted on 03/03/2009


Still somewhat in limbo.  Not sure which story to work on. I have been tooling with Telecks for a few days, but nothing too serious.  I have a thought tickling the back of my head for a new story in the Mayhem, Inc. world, but I don’t have the “second part” of the story I usually need.  

Let me explain. 

When I come up with the idea for a story, I don’t like hanging the entire thing based upon one idea.  I need to have at least two disparate ideas that I can mash together to make up the story and make it more engaging for the reader and myself! 

So, on that note, I am working on the second piece of the idea now…looking for something that I can add to the first part (which I really like!) and make it a winner. 

While I wait, I’ll keep working on Telecks.

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